Pound a Day Challenge

Pound a Day Challenge

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At the last JCI Committee meeting, when Kevin said he was doing the JCI’s challenge to eat for only £1 per day for a week, I did not volunteer. I’m a chocolate addict who loves to eat out, and working in The White Horse I tend to be very well fed. It was only when I mentioned the mad idea (over a curry at Saffron!) to my husband, that I started to wonder whether it could be done. And so I convinced myself (and my husband) that we would try the challenge, donating the difference between our £14 allowance, and what we normally spend in a week to Save The Children.

Shopping took forever as we searched for the best bargains and worked out how to incorporate the reduced price items into our week of food. We ended up with carbs and vegetables…no meat and the only dairy was a pot of natural yogurt.

Breakfast of toast or porridge made with water was followed by watery vegetable soup for lunch. For dinner we did OK with homemade veggie burgers, bean chilli, veg stir fry or baked potatoes and beans. However, portions were small and one meal was just spaghetti with a bit of value olive oil spread and pepper.

The amount of mental energy that went into planning, scrimping and wondering if we could afford to use up half an onion was eye opening. In a city were our food banks are being used more than ever, I got a brief glimpse into how time consuming this way of living is and how exhausting it must be as a daily pressure. I also realised how much we needlessly waste… in this week all we threw into our food bin was a few sweet potato skins.

At the end we raised nearly £200 for Save The Children including donations from some very generous friends and I’m glad we did the challenge…it makes me realise how lucky I am to not have to worry over the basic essentials. This week I made sure that I picked up some items to donate to the food bank while I shopped.



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